Solemn Statement

January 31, 2023
Latest company news about Solemn Statement

Recently, we got a complaint email from Indian client and this client said our CMM product had a serious quality problem, but we found we never sold any products to this client after the investigation. Then we called this client directly and they said they bought the connector from our “agent” in Nanjing. Finally we realized someone counterfeited our products and sold them. In order to protect our clients’ inviolable rights and our own reputation, we have to make this solemn statement as the following.

1, We don’t have and we will never have any agents in China, we always sell products directly.


2, All of High Wood products have our own logo, latest company news about Solemn Statement  0or latest company news about Solemn Statement  1


3, We only use our official mailbox to do the business, which the domain name is We never send email through other mailbox.


4, We have only one website, and any other link is fake.

Hereby, we attached the email from this Indian client and some photos of fake products, hoping all our clients can keep in mind and avoid the same experience.


latest company news about Solemn Statement  2